Man Arrested After Serious Threats to Nancy Pelosi

Man Arrested After Serious Threats to Nancy Pelosi

( – On January 11, 2021, Jason R. Karimi left a threatening voicemail for Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), saying he would inflict pain on her. According to the StarTribune, one message exclaimed, “I want to see you as scared as possible.” On April 12, a federal district court judge sentenced Karimi to one year and one day in prison on a felony count of sending interstate communication of a threat.

Karimi will also serve two years of supervised release once he finishes his prison sentence. The prosecution argued that his history showed a pattern of violent communication directed toward women.

The StarTribune reported that Karimi had previously faced an accusation of leaving vulgar voicemails for Iowa Governor Kimberly Reynolds (R) in 2019. The publication also says he claimed to an FBI agent that he told one of his lawyers he wanted to rip out their son’s innards and make the boy eat them.

His defense team argued that he had no previous criminal charges for violence. They also said he has bipolar disorder and meant no physical harm with the calls. The team requested only probation.

The calls to Pelosi occurred in the days after January 6, and prosecutors said the event elevated the seriousness of the threats. They claim that due to the environment at the time of his crime, he required some prison time. The judge in the case obviously agreed.

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