Man Arrested After Threatening To Kill Congresswoman

Man Arrested After Threatening To Kill Congresswoman

Congress ROCKED By Assassination Emergency – Arrest Made!

( – A man who allegedly threatened a Unites States congresswoman now faces federal charges that could include a hefty jail sentence. Brett Forsell, 49, left Representative Pramila Jayapal’s (D-WA) neighborhood in handcuffs on July 9 after the lawmaker called police to report a man screaming obscenities. Authorities found him in front of the home, hands in the air, with a 9mm pistol holstered at his side.

Initially, Forsell was released when federal prosecutors failed to find evidence to support a hate crime. The investigation continued after his release, and prosecutors found a trail that led to felony stalking charges, taking the Washington legislator’s position as a public servant into consideration.

The popular Democrat told MSNBC that the stalking was nothing new. She said the man harassed her for months, tossing obscenities and racial slurs toward her. Jayapal said she’s certain the man wasn’t there to discuss her politics. He was there to harm, intimidate, and threaten her, adding how unfortunate it would be if he didn’t face charges for hate crimes.

The lawmaker pointed out that it wasn’t coincidental that a woman of color serving in Congress was targeted by someone she says holds white supremacist views.

Jayapal also made mentioned former President Donald Trump’s administration referencing known controversial groups, implying their involvement.

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