Man Caught Money Laundering For Powerful Politician

Man Caught Money Laundering For Powerful Politician

( – Two Indiana men are awaiting potential prison terms after pleading guilty to participating in a federal election scandal. A former state senator and a casino magnate engaged in an illegal political contribution scam that included shell corporations, tax evasion, and lying to the FBI. The Justice Department released a statement detailing the crimes and possible punishments.

John Keeler, a former big wig executive and lawyer for New Centaur LLC, funneled $41,000 of corporate money through a Maryland-based consultant and an entity in his own name to Republican political committees. Keeler then attempted to hide his contributions and write them off as legitimate business expenses.

Former Indiana State Senator Darryl Brent Waltz directed the money from Keeler to various GOP committees in the area, as well as to his own campaign. Contributions through his name and several straw contributors equaled $40,500, just $500 short of Keeler’s total spend. Waltz also held up a federal investigation and gave agents a false statement — another federal crime.

Both men are guilty and awaiting their sentences. Keeler faces up to three years for his indiscretions, while Waltz, whose crimes were far more severe, could see up to a decade behind bars. Both will be sentenced at a later date.

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