Man Figures Out Insane Method To Avoid Paying Restaurant Bill

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( – Several eateries in a city in Spain have reportedly faced challenges with a man accused of using a clever scheme to dodge payment.

According to reports from Spanish news sources, a Lithuanian man in his middle years had been feigning heart attack episodes, a strategy he reportedly applied across numerous dining establishments in Alicante, as detailed by Business Insider.

Alicante, positioned along Spain’s shoreline, lies to the south of Valencia and southwest of Ibiza and is renowned for the Santa Barbara Castle.

The deceptive acts to eschew paying for meals, which accumulated to more than $800, have been highlighted by the Daily Mail.

A representative of the National Police in Alicante conveyed to Business Insider that the individual is suspected of faking heart attacks in approximately 20 different situations over the span of a year, with the most recent case occurring in September, as stated by authorities.

It’s reported that he attempted to leave the El Buen Corner restaurant under the pretext of needing to fetch money from his hotel to settle his bill, as per narratives by local media cited by Business Insider. Upon failing, he is said to have simulated a cardiac emergency.

Following this event, where he faced a bill of almost $37 for whiskey and paella, officers apprehended him, as regional publications noted. The matter was then reportedly taken to the local judiciary.

He is also reported to have indulged in lavish dishes including lobster and entrecote, subsequently attempting to leave without paying, expecting the restaurants to absorb the expenses.

As per the Daily Mail, his refusal to settle a few penalties resulted in approximately six weeks of incarceration.

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