Man Involved in Failed Murder/Suicide Plot Arrested Again

Man Involved in Failed Murder/Suicide Plot Arrested Again

Suicide Plot REVEALED – Police Make An Arrest!

( – Criminal investigators arrested South Carolina resident Curtis Edward Smith in late 2021 for his role in the shooting of his former attorney Alex Murdaugh. Local media outlets recently reported that law enforcement officials recently rearrested him on new charges.

Local NBC affiliate WCBD-TV reported that officers with the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division arrested Smith on Friday, June 24. Officials charged him with four money laundering counts, three counts of forgery, and criminal conspiracy. However, the news report stated it remains unclear whether the charges are related to Smith’s 2021 arrest.

Smith reportedly shot Murdaugh on September 4, 2021, as part of a scheme to defraud Murdaugh’s insurance company. Murdaugh reportedly gave Smith a pistol and asked him to stage a carjacking so his son could collect a life insurance dividend totaling roughly $10 million. The policy didn’t cover suicide.

The two men reported staged the murder/suicide shortly after Murdaugh’s wife and other son were found murdered at the family home. The murders remain unsolved, and law enforcement officers don’t consider Murdaugh to be a suspect in their killings.

It remains unclear whether Smith’s new charges are related to his 2021 arrest. Smith’s new charges include criminal conspiracy, three counts of forgery, and four money laundering counts.

Officials are currently holding Smith in the Colleton County Detention Center.

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