Man Loses Weight in Shocking Way

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( – Weight loss is no easy task, with restrictive diets and intensive exercise often causing people to want to quickly quit before they even really get started. After all, no one really wants to be missing out on their favorite foods every single day.

Well, one man considered his options when starting to lose weight and decided that he was going to have an unusual approach to losing weight, and included what many would consider their cheat meal, McDonald’s.

Kevin Maginnis, 56, decided to try and lose weight within 100 days by only eating from the famous fast-food brand. When he started on February 21, he was at 238 pounds. As he recalled, he remembered that he had once read that if your waistline reaches 40 inches as a man, then it could be dangerous. That 40 number started to be what scared him.

He then proceeded to think of his family, his wife, his kids, and his grandkids, and decided that it was time to do something to help him get the weight off and be healthier for his family.

Maginnis claimed that the idea of eating McDonald’s came because people had always called him Big Mac because of his last name and being big. So, he decided that for the next 100 days, he was going to be eating McDonald’s but that every portion would be cut in half.

He would also only eat when he actually got hungry. Fifty days into his experiment, and he had managed to lose 38 points. He is now documenting his weight loss journey online for others to see.

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