Man Passes Away, Then Gets Robbed on Honeymoon

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( – Steven Phan, 49, a California man, drowned during his honeymoon in Hawaii. Phan, who had gone with his wife Brittany snorkeling off the shore of Electric Beach on June 1, suddenly disappeared under the water. Despite the bystander’s attempts to resuscitate him with CPR until first responders arrived, the attempts were unsuccessful.

According to a KHON report, Phan was transported to a hospital where he passed away. While this was going on, all of the belongings and the rental car of the newlyweds were stolen.

Following Phan’s death, a GoFundMe page was created to help cover all of the funeral and memorial costs that are related to the death. The fundraiser notes that while Brittany was watching bystanders try to save her husband’s life, thieves stole everything they had, including cell phones, wallets, money, and even their rental car. As of Monday morning, more than $21,000 had been gathered in the GoFundMe.

The Phans had been married for around three months at the time of the drowning, as their wedding was on March 20.

The fundraising page also pointed out that Steven Phan was always present and willing to be a part of everyone’s lives and that he was a great friend and husband. They further note that he will be greatly missed by all of his family and friends.

Honolulu City Council Member Andrea Tupola following the incident, revealed that a lifeguard would be added, deeming it necessary for staff to be available at the beach during the next few months when public demand is bound to increase.

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