Man Pays the Price for Threatening Election Worker

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( – On Tuesday, the Department announced that 37-year-old Andrew Nickels from Indiana pled guilty to having threatened a Michigan election worker. 

The DOJ released information regarding the incident noting that Nickels had called the local election office clerk and had left a voicemail in which he threatened to kill them before the 2020 presidential election. In the message, the man noted that he was watching the worker and knew about the worker’s claims that there were no irregularities. Nickels had proceeded to accuse them of having frauded the entire country from having had a proper election. 

In the information, it was noted that Nickels had informed the official that they would be paying for it. He had also claimed that over 10 million patriots would surround the man when he least expected it. He further claimed that the patriot’s group was going to kill the employee and that they deserved to have their throat cut off. He added that the official needed to watch their back. 

Nickels has already pleaded guilty to one count of threatening interstate communication. The Justice Department’s acting assistant attorney general Nicole Argentieri had claimed that workers and election officials had played an important role in ensuring a fair election. The Criminal Division has further noted that they would continue to prosecute all individuals who were looking to undermine the democracy’s core tenets through violence. 

The sentencing of Nickels is set to take place on July 9th. He is facing a maximum penalty of five years imprisonment.

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