Man Shockingly Defeats Four Criminals Attacking Him

Photo by Jimmy Conover on Unsplash

( – Police are searching for four suspects in Rocky Hill, Connecticut who got into an altercation with a man who tried to stop them from attempting a carjacking on April 10. The carjacking attempts were caught on camera as the suspects were trying to steal a vehicle parked in a residential driveway.

The homeowner’s Ring video surveillance system caught the entire incident and the police have requested for the footage to be released in their search for the suspects. As seen in the video, originally a single carjacker enters the red Infinity that is parked in the driveway. The owner can be seen getting out of his house and pulling the carjacker with force out of the car.

A struggle between the two starts, with the suspect repeatedly trying to hit the owner. Three other suspects also joined the scene a bit later on, with two of them managing to hit the victim’s face while he was restrained. The fourth suspect did not participate in the incident instead, he just stood and watched as the incident unfolded.

The assault on the victim ended when someone from inside the house yelled that the police were on their way. This resulted in the four suspects escaping the scene in a black Mercedes.

One of the victim’s neighbors revealed to NBC Connecticut that the close proximity of the incident made things “really frustrating.” According to the Rocky Hill Police Department, the incident is still being investigated. People with information have been invited to contact Detective Matthew Seguin.


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