Man Swims Incredible Distance To Save Mother’s Life

Photo by Craig Cameron on Unsplash

Man Swims Incredible Distance To Save Mother’s Life

Hurricane Ian hit Florida last week, causing water levels to rise. One man, Lauder, treacherously went through the rain and 105mph in order to help rescue his 84-year-old mother after their home was surrounded by water. Despite the evacuation order, Lauder’s mother had chosen to not leave her house.

Lauder in a video interview said that his mother, who is disabled and using a wheelchair did not want to go to a shelter as she already has mobility limitations. He also added that having experienced Hurricane Irma, they thought that this next hurricane would also be easy to get through. During Hurricane Irma their home had about 6 inches of water.

Ian, a Category 4 hurricane, was a much stronger hurricane and the many hours of rain led to his mother’s house flooding. This is what made her call her son. On the phone, Lauder’s mother told him that the water was up to her belly button and her wheelchair was submerged.

Lauder, a former police officer and trained rescue diver, swam through the half mile of water to reach his mother’s home. The short videos he took along the way were sent to his family to show that he was Ok.

By the time he reached home, his mother was screaming. Once he reached her, he helped her get on top of a table and then the two waited the storm out for three hours, before making the half-mile journey back to Lauder’s son’s house.

Lauder also added that following this experience his mother has decided to listen to the evacuation order next time.

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