Man Uses Strange Device To Steal Gasoline From Pumps

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

( – Last week, a New Jersey man was arrested after he allegedly had been manipulating a gas station pump in Delaware. 

According to authorities, 34-year-old Kelvin Giron-Brand had installed a special device at a gas station pump in New Castle in order to steal more than $1,700 in fuel. The Delaware State Police has noted that the special device allowed him to pay only a fraction of the cost for the fuel that was dispensed. 

On Tuesday, troopers had been called to respond to the reported fuel theft at the Wawa after the man was found with the pump in a white Ford van. Investigators later found out that there had been many cases of diesel fuel thefts at different Wawa gas stations in the area through the use of devices that had been installed on fuel pumps. 

Authorities noted that after inspecting the pump that the man was using they found one of these devices installed. Giron-Brand also had multiple containers full of fuel in the back of his van which amounted to more than $1,700 worth of fuel. 

The manipulation device had allowed the man to get all that fuel while only paying less than $20. 

Authorities took Giron-Brand into custody without incident where he was charged with shoplifting, and possession of burglar instruments, as well as second-degree conspiracy. All the charges against the man are felonies. He is now held at Howard R. Young Correctional Institution on a $14,000 secured bond. 

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