Manhunt Launched After Man Who Set Fire to Fox News Christmas Tree Escapes on Bail

( – The Grinch that burned the Fox News Christmas tree just days after it was put up is nowhere to be found. Craig Tamanaha, a 49-year-old homeless man, has not been heard from since he was arrested for allegedly setting the 50-foot All-American Christmas Tree on fire on December 8.

Craig Tamanaha’s History of Destructive Behavior

Although the tree itself was quickly replaced, arson was the latest in a string of destructive behavior from Tamanaha. He was known to NYPD prior to burning the Christmas tree for several previous incidents, including multiple drug-related arrests and exposing himself outside the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell in November. His father, Richard Tamanaha, elaborated on his previous struggles with drug abuse, homelessness, and other destructive actions shortly after the incident. Richard Tamanaha told the New York Post that, “he’s a nut…mentally, he’s not all there,” which has increased concerns surrounding potential future danger his impulsive behavior while living on the streets could present to the public.

New York’s Bail Policy May Be Too Lenient

Despite causing more than $500,000 in damage, Craig Tamanaha was released shortly after he was arrested based on New York’s new policy that prohibits bail from being set for a wide range of offenses. He was supposed to participate in a supervised release program instead, but he has not checked in and cannot be located since he is homeless. Although this policy was intended to help people accused of certain minor offenses avoid being treated differently based on an inability to pay bail, many have questioned where that line should be drawn to best prevent future incidents.

Although the policy is unlikely to cause serious problems in the case of relatively minor, isolated misdemeanors, one of the charges Tamanaha faces is a felony. Combined with his past arrests and mental instability, the more serious charge has caused many to consider what a more appropriate alternative might look like.

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