Marine Does the Unthinkable After Amputation

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Marine Does the Unthinkable After Amputation

Kirstie Ennis has had a fuller life than most. The 31-year-old has completed three master’s degrees and has previously worked as a Hollywood stuntwoman, however, that is not the only job she has had, as she has also earned a real estate license. In terms of other activities, Ennis has walked across England and even climbed six of the world’s tallest mountains. More impressively though, these are the things that she has managed to accomplish after the tragic accident that left her an amputee.

The former U.S. Marine sergeant, who had enlisted in the army at 17 years old, had been in a helicopter above Afghanistan in 2012 when the aircraft crashed. The crash left her with brain, spine, and ankle injuries and over the next three years, she went through 40 surgeries. In 2015, a severe infection also led to her left leg needing to be amputated, and yet none of this stopped Ennis from continuing to follow her original goal of protecting people.

While this early Medical retirement led to her leaving the armed services, she started doing more things outdoors and using her activities as a way of fundraising money for nonprofits. As one of her goals, she even decided that she would climb all Seven Summits – the highest peaks of each continent. Having started in 2017, she has now checked six of the seven. The last remaining one is her hardest climb yet, Mount Everest.

Ennis is now on a mission to prove to the world that she can do it and that everything is possible. She hopes that this will inspire people to climb those mountains that are in front of them and persevere.

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