Mark Zuckerberg Is Facing Lawsuits Over Exploiting Children Using Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg Is Facing Lawsuits Over Exploiting Children Using Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg ALLEGATIONS – Child Victims Reported

( – Meta Platforms, the company that owns Facebook and Instagram, faces eight new lawsuits claiming the tech giant’s virtual spaces cause real-world harm to teens and adolescents. The suits, filed by the Beasley Allen Law Firm in multiple states, accuse Meta of employing practices known to encourage the addictive use of its products by vulnerable children.

According to the suits, Meta developers and decision-makers purposely tweaked the company’s algorithms to attract youngsters to overuse Facebook and Instagram, which may have devastating consequences. Depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and suicide attempts all made the list of issues young people, particularly teenage girls, face online.

The issue is nothing new. After The Wall Street Journal ran a piece exposing Instagram for putting profits before young people, the company’s head of public policy, Karina Newton, admitted in a blog post that there were serious issues to be addressed by not just Instagram but all social media platforms. While she expressed pride in the site’s ability to keep people connected across the globe, she acknowledged the negative experiences and promised the company would continue to work to resolve them.

The lawsuit from Beasley Allen might suggest that — at least to some users — the company’s efforts are either not working or are simply too little too late.

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