Mark Zuckerberg Promises to Stop Buying Elections – For Real This Time, Pinky Promise

Mark Zuckerberg Promises to Stop Buying Elections - For Real This Time, Pinky Promise

( – The Center for Technology and Civic Life (CTCL), Mark Zuckerberg’s nonprofit enterprise for meddling in elections, says it won’t be participating in this year’s midterms, according to the Associated Press. The international wire service credits conservative outrage over $350 million the nonprofit poured into the 2020 elections for the decision. CTCL handed out grants to election offices across the country, with the intent of making it easier for people to vote during the pandemic.

What manifested was a system that allowed districts without enough funding to enhance the voting process, particularly mail-in voting. Critics believe Zuckerberg’s work bypassed election laws to move funds specifically to areas that would benefit from mail-in voting. Former President Donald Trump has often cited issues with these types of ballots as among his top concerns about election integrity.

CTCL will instead move forward with a new plan to spend $80 million over five years on what the nonprofit calls the U.S. Alliance for Election Excellence. The new initiative aims to create a network of election offices nationwide and establish a system for improving their processes and technology.

While the longer-term plan may not directly affect the 2022 midterms, is there any way to be sure the tech billionaire, known for his interest in elections, won’t at least try to repeat his 2020 actions? Do you believe Mark Zuckerberg will do as promised and steer clear this November?

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