Mass Shooter’s True Target Revealed By Law Enforcement

Mass Shooter's True Target Revealed By Law Enforcement

Mass Shooter’s True Target REVEALED

( – A church in Laguna Hills, California, was hosting a luncheon for the Irvine Taiwanese Presbyterian Church when David Chou, a mainland Chinese immigrant, came in shooting. New reports indicate the 68-year-old gunman targeted his victims for their political beliefs.

Chou was prepared to do far more damage than killing one and wounding five. The doors were barricaded shut, and Chou had improvised explosives ready to go. After he opened fire, Dr. John Cheng, 52, was killed trying to disarm him.

The distraction allowed other parishioners to complete the task, and the gunman was apprehended. Churchgoers reportedly hog-tied the gunman after the pastor hit him in the head with a chair.

According to the Associated Press, one of Chou’s former neighbors commented on his declining mental health over the past few years. Chou’s life came undone after his marriage fell apart, and he had to sell the Las Vegas apartment building that was his home and business. His wife left him and went back to Taiwan.

Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes said the motive was a long-standing political grievance between China and Taiwan, which was well-documented in hand-written notes. Chou drove to the church specifically to target the Taiwanese, leading to possible federal hate crime charges as well.

Chou faces one count of murder and five counts of attempted murder.

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