Mass Shooter’s Uncle Claims He Saw No Red Flags Before Mass Shooting

Mass Shooter's Uncle Claims He Saw No Red Flags Before Mass Shooting

Mass Shooter’s UNCLE Reveals What He Saw Before His Nephew’s Massacre

( – By now, the whole world recognizes the name Robert Crimo III. He’s the young man who allegedly opened fire on a parade in Highland Park, Illinois, killing 7 and injuring as many as 36 more on July 4. But to his uncle, Paul Crimo, he was “Bobby,” the nephew who lived in the apartment out back. “I saw no signs of trouble,” he told Fox 32 Chicago.

Crimo says he and his brother, Robert Crimo Jr, are well known in the Highland Park area and that he’s beside himself with sorrow for those who were hurt or lost loved ones. He said had he known, he definitely would have said something. The suspect’s uncle said he was heartbroken over the ordeal.

The man described his nephew as a quiet YouTube rapper and artist who kept to himself. His assessment that there were no warning signs; however, seemed contrary to reports about the alleged shooter. For example, in 2019, he allegedly attempted suicide. Four months later, police responded to a call after the accused gunman threatened to harm himself and his entire family. Cops removed a dagger, 16 knives, and a sword from the house but had no reason to charge him with a crime.

Police are also looking into the nephew’s social media posts, which appear to be littered with images and videos of mass shootings. With the seemingly continuous stream of warning signs, it’s difficult to imagine the man Robert Crimo III called “Uncle” and paid rent to didn’t see any.

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