Massive Diamond Found In Local Park

Photo by Tahlia Doyle on Unsplash

On a trip to a state park in Arkansas, a couple found a huge diamond. Jessica and Seth Erickson, from Chatfield in Minnesota, visited Arkansas’s Crater of Diamonds State Park as part of their 10th-anniversary road trip. A statement from Tayler Markham, a park interpreter at Arkansas State Parks, arrived on November 4th when they began digging and sifting through soil. It was after that that they spotted the gem which had the color of iced tea.

According to the park’s Diamond Discovery Center, the staff registered the diamond as a 1.90-carat brown diamond.

Crater of Diamonds State Park is around 60 miles east of the Arkansas-Oklahoma border. It is the only public diamond mine, which means that people can visit and hunt for diamonds while there.

Diamond State Park is a lamproite, a volcanic rock, which actually has a number of diamonds. The volcanic eruptions are actually what has led to the diamonds coming to the surface.

This means that finding diamonds in the 37.5-acre park is actually fairly common. In 2022, there have already been 581 registered diamonds found. Since the park’s opening in 1972, 33,100 diamonds have been found. Uncle Sam, the largest diamond ever found in the United States was found there in 1924. Uncle Sam is a 40.23-carat diamond.

However, the diamond found by the couple is relatively rare as it is more than 1 carat in weight and is also colored.

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