McCarthy Releases Warning Before GOP Takes House

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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has reaffirmed that he would reopen Congress, which was originally closed to tourists during the coronavirus pandemic and following the security concerns caused by the Jan. 6 Capitol attack.

On Wednesday morning, he tweeted that in six days, the U.S. Capitol would be fully reopened after the Republican majority took control of the House. Along with his tweet, he also attached a copy of his Nov. 10 letter to officials who are responsible for the daily operations of the Capitol.

McCarthy originally released his letter only a few days after the midterm election, after it was clear that the Republicans had won the House majority. He had written, “it has been 2 years, 7 months, and 29 days since the People’s House closed.” He continued, “that means for 973 days, the American People have been restricted from exercising their constitutional right to petition the first branch of government. 973 days without being able to freely visit their Member of Congress at the Capitol Complex. 973 days without being able to access the House gallery and watch their representatives vote on legislation in person.”

He finished by saying that this was not acceptable. At the time the letters were released, there had been no challengers against McCarthy becoming the Speaker and there had not yet been any conservative representatives who had openly opposed him.

During a Senate GOP luncheon last week, McCarthy urged lawmakers to show faith in his ability to be the next House Speaker.

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