McConnell Pushes Trump Out of Election

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McConnell Pushes Trump Out of Election

Mitch McConnell has turned to Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp in order to help boost Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker, who is set to face a runoff election in December. This challenging race could determine which party will have control of the chamber.

Kemp is set to help boost Senate GOP voter turnout and could help the party win a tough race. Kemp this year also won his own election after defeating a Trump-endorsed Republican opponent in the primary and then defeating Democrat Stacey Abrams in the general election.

Under the agreement between Kemp and McConnell, Kemp is going to provide all of his door-knocking, data analytics, phone-banking, and micro-targeting programs to the Senate Leadership Fund. This super PAC is going to be supporting Walker. The super PAC is also going to be providing $2 million in campaigning efforts that will be headed by Kemp’s senior advisers and will include over 100 field workers.

This will be the first time that the Senate Leadership Fund is going to be running a campaign focused on getting people to vote and for good reason. Two years ago, Republicans lost the Senate majority in Georgia after falling in the runoffs. This was in part because many GOP-aligned voters did not cast their ballots.

This was during the time when Trump’s claims about election fraud had caused many to question the election process. Walker, in the Nov. 8 midterm elections, was close to a percentage point behind Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock.

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