McDonald’s Pays Big Price for Injuring Young Girl

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( – A family in Florida was awarded $800,000 in damages after their then-four-year-old daughter had gotten a second-degree burn on her leg from McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets.

The incident occurred in 2019 outside a McDonald’s in Tamarac, Florida, near Fort Lauderdale. The little girl’s mother, Philana Holmes, stated she had pulled away from the drive-thru of the restaurant when she heard her daughter cry out in pain as the McNuggets had spilled on her leg causing the burn.

On Wednesday, a jury determined that the family deserved to receive $400,000 in damages for the four years that have passed since the accident and $400,000 for the future. The damages will need to be handled by Upchurch Foods, the franchise operator, and McDonald’s USA, following the decision of a different jury in May which determined that both companies were liable for the injury caused.

Holmes told reporters following the trial that she believed this to have been a “fair judgment.” She added that they had no expectations when they went into the trial, so they consider the jury’s decision “more than fair.” The family originally sought $15 million in damages when filing their case.

During the testimony, Holmes stated that her daughter Olivia, who is now eight and refers to the scar on her thigh as her “nugget,” and is intending to have it removed. As she explained, when she had purchased the Happy Meals she had not been informed about any warnings in regard to the food’s temperatures

McDonald’s defense attorneys claimed that the wound incurred had healed within three weeks and $156,000 in damages should have been enough to cover all damages.

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