Media Executive at Reuters Is Board Member of Pfizer

( – News outlets are supposed to present the facts of a story and allow readers or viewers to form their own opinions about the subject. That’s hard to do when the company and the story involve the same people. As it turns out, one of the world’s biggest news corporations shares a major link with one of the best-known COVID-19 vaccine companies.

The Connection between Reuters and Pfizer

James C. Smith, former CEO of the London-based news company Reuters (he just retired in August 2020), happens to be a Pfizer board member. He is also a major investor in the pharmaceutical giant, which makes it pretty clear which side of the vaccine debate he is on. Although businessmen are certainly allowed to have multiple interests and be involved in other organizations outside of work, matters may become complicated when they create a major conflict of interest that centers on one of the most controversial topics of the year. The question many are asking is whether or not Smith still has any influence at all at Reuters.

Is This a Conflict in Reporting?

As mandate after mandate have made headlines over the past year, loyal readers have depended on Reuters as a primary source of information. Unbiased reporting about a controversial topic is difficult under any circumstances, but should readers be concerned about whether James C. Smith’s direct involvement with Pfizer may result in COVID coverage that is slanted more in the favor of his opinions than they otherwise might be?

Could this slant in Smith’s favor impact public opinion about whether mandates, restrictions, and other potential government overreach are acceptable or problematic?

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