Media Furious About Conservatives Voting

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Media Furious About Conservatives Voting

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was criticized by the media after he eased restrictions in counties that were damaged by Hurricane Ian on Thursday. DeSantis signed a new emergency executive order which would allow for more mail-in ballot access and early voting availability to those in counties that faced the most damage by Hurricane Ian. The main counties that were the focus of the executive order were Charlotte, Lee, and Sarasota. The Order also noted that the feedback of the Supervisors of the Elections had also been taken into account when this decision was made.

The order is going to provide thousands of displaced citizens with the opportunity to vote. However, some have slammed this decision saying that it was a politically motivated move ahead of the midterm elections.

Following the announcement Washington Post reporter Lori Rozsa said that those three counties were heavily Republican, especially when compared to other heavily damaged counties that the order did not apply.

Rozsa also noted that other counties like Orange County and Orlando which were heavily damaged by Hurricane Ian’s floods and are predominantly Democratic were not granted similar exceptions.

The Guardian reporter Gloria Oladipo also noted that many had been outraged by DeSantis’ decision to only provide more voting access to “Republican areas.”

Other outlets also noted the Republican-leaning nature of these counties as they were all won by Trump in 2020.

Others have said that DeSantis’ move was hypocritical as he had promoted strict voting restrictions in the past year that he was now easing for these Republican areas.

DeSantis has not responded to the criticisms yet.

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