Medical Journal Suggests It Might Sue Mark Zuckerberg

Medical Journal Suggests It Might Sue Mark Zuckerberg

( – The idea of fact-checking on Facebook has been controversial since the beginning. Now, the British Medical Journal (BMJ) wants to hold Meta responsible for slanting information based on Facebook’s political viewpoints.

In a December 17 letter to Mark Zuckerberg, BMJ addressed concerns over the validity of the fact-checking on his platform. The journal accuses Meta of using a fact-checking service that polices a narrative rather than confirming the truth. It suggests that might result in important information failing to reach the public.

BMJ says an investigative report on clinical trials for the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine it published revealed poor moderation practices on Facebook. Although the information included external peer reviews and evidence to back up the claims, once people tried to share it on the platform, they began receiving missing context warnings and threats of penalties for sharing it.

BMJ said Lead Stories fact-checked the content, prompting the warnings. However, upon reviewing these checks, the British journal realized it provided zero proof of the allegedly incorrect data. They attempted to contact Lead Stories and Facebook to have the labels of hoax and misinformation removed or changed, but both refused to play ball.

The journal urges the Meta CEO to correct the incompetent fact-checking on Facebook and specifically address the mislabeling of this report. Furthermore, the BMJ advised Zuckerberg his company is using an incompetent service and should consider choosing a better company to handle this task.

When asked by Just the News if the BMJ would consider legal action in this situation, a spokesperson said the journal is open to all options.

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