Medications That Are Illegal To Travel Internationally With

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( – With summer travel just around the corner, many Americans are preparing to take international trips. Around 77 percent of Americans are expected to pack some sort of prescription medication while traveling, however, the majority tend to forget to check if it is legal for that medication to be brought into the country they are traveling to. 

Over a quarter of Americans tend to have their medications confiscated during international travel according to a May 2024 survey. 

Dr. Jennifer Bourgeois, a health and pharmacy expert, argued that many of the medications that are often prescribed in the United States are not legal in other countries. Generally, she warned the medication that is illegal is the same medication that has a high potential of being abused or dependent upon.

As such, controlled substances tend to be regulated the most because of their potential to be misused. Stimulants like the ones prescribed in ADHD cases tend to be illegal in many countries. 

Other drugs that users should be careful with include narcotics and opioids, especially medication like hydrocodone, codeine, and oxycodone. As well as psychotropic drugs, including Xanax, Adderall, and several different types of antidepressants. 

The main one that many Americans forget about is medicinal cannabis, which while legal in many U.S. States remains illegal in many countries in the world. Finally, strong painkillers, including tramadol are also often banned.

Bourgeois warns that prior to traveling it is always better to check what medication is legal to bring with you, as bringing prohibited medication could lead to the medication being confiscated, heavy fines being imposed, and even arrests in some cases. 

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