Message in a Bottle Found Two Decades Later

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( – A French man found on the beach a message in the bottle that had been written 26 years earlier by a fifth grader in Massachusetts.

Sandwich, Massachusetts, English Teacher Carol Archambeault argued that it was “crazy” that it had taken this long for the bottle to be found. As she pointed out the bottle was so old that she understood the interest in it.

In the faded letter the writer was revealed to be Forestdale School in Sandwich then-fifth grader Benjamin Lyons who had written the letter in October 1997. The letter was part of a science unit taught by Frederic Hemmila on ocean currents.

As Archambeault who is Hemmila’s teaching counterpart stated that this is the final activity following their study of tides and ocean currents. She also pointed out that they were attempting to see where the letters would end up after the currents carried them away. Within the letters, all of the students had added their names and included the date of the activity.

Lyons in his letter thanked the person who picked up and found his letter. He also explained that this was part of a class he had on currents and that he was hopeful the person who would find it could provide some answers to questions he had.

Archambeault shared that the letters were taken by Hemmila’s friend who was a boat captain out into the ocean. However, this was an activity that they stopped conducting a few years ago as they wanted to avoid contributing to marine litter.

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