Michael Cohen’s Confession Stuns Liberal Media

Trump-Backed Candidate Shows Double-Digit Lead Over RINO Republican

(FeaturedNews.com) – Hosts and guests for MSNBC and CNN were shocked by revelations that Trump’s former attorney and fixer, Michael Cohen, had stolen money from the Trump Organization.  

During cross-examination on Monday, Cohen testified that he stole $60,000 from the Trump Organization, which the prosecution hadn’t revealed. 

CNN’s Jake Tapper described the revelation as “fascinating,” stating he was still “reeling from the revelation” that Cohen had stolen from the Trump Organization and that the prosecution hadn’t revealed it sooner.  

Tapper added that the prosecution wouldn’t be “helped” by evidence that further proved “Cohen is a shady character.”  

Tapper’s co-anchor Laura Coates suggested she had been “shocked” that Cohen’s theft was only revealed on the third day of his cross-examination and that the prosecution hadn’t gotten in front of the revelation since “it goes to the heart of the actual case.” 

Elie Honig, the network’s senior legal analyst, highlighted that Cohen’s theft was “more serious” than the charges former President Donald Trump is facing. 

Trump is currently facing 34 counts of falsifying business records.  

Honig stated that Cohen being “charged with larceny is important,” given that stealing $60,000 through fraud, which is considered larceny in New York, is “more serious of a crime” than charges relating to falsifying business records.  

Hosts on MSNBC also expressed their shock. 

Yasmin Vossoughian suggested the exchange between Cohen and Trump’s defense attorney, Todd Blanche, was momentous as he got Cohen to state that he had stolen from the Trump Organization.  

Bernada Villalona, MSNBC’s legal guest, agreed. 

Villalona stated that dismantling Cohen’s credibility is crucial as it may mean the jury would have to “disregard his entire testimony.”

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