Middle School Sends Out Disturbing Newsletter

Middle School Sends Out Disturbing Newsletter

Microchips For Humans? – This School Is Pushing It.

(FeaturedNews.com) – Posting something online usually guarantees it will live on forever, even if you try to remove it. Someone is bound to take a screenshot or otherwise save it – just ask Preston West Primary School. The Australian school recently tried to delete a newsletter containing odd and potentially concerning predictions, but their attempt was too little, too late.

The May 26 newsletter went out to parents as usual, but this edition went a little off the beaten path. It started out fine, talking about what makes its district an excellent place for kids: friendly teachers, new buildings, a new lunch service, inclusivity, and talented support staff.

Then, the newsletter turned to a list of predictions of what the school might look like in 10 years. The mailer said, seemingly out of nowhere, that students may eventually have microchips installed into their brains to “promote intelligence and memory.”

The district deleted this edition and the whole newsletter archive, however, people still have copies of the letter, and the microchip prediction still shows in Google’s search results.

While the idea of brain chips may be terrifying, it is becoming more of a possibility as technology advances. Implants in hands and arms for making purchases or proving vaccination status are already a reality. Chips in children’s brains might not be too far-fetched considering what is already happening within the field.

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