Migrants on the Move Again, But Where To?

Photo by Barbara Zandoval on Unsplash

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis has said that he will be transporting migrants to other major cities, including New York. New York Mayor, Eric Adams, recently noted on Tuesday that the city is already struggling with having to deal with the migrants being sent from Texas and other Republican-led states.

Despite this, the Democratic governor said that the state had been actively working to help asylum seekers reach the final destination they wanted to reach, which often times included New York City. The governor also noted that the only reason there was a temporary decline in the transportation of people was because of the winter storms. This created a backlog of people who were trying to find ways to live in Denver.

During a radio appearance, Adams said that they had received notification the previous day that the governor of Colorado would be transporting migrants to New York and Chicago. Adams called this move “unfair” as it forces local governments to take on what should be a national obligation.

Like many other major cities, Denver has not been able to keep up with the need for services that the influx of immigrants has brought on. In the past month, more than 3,500 migrants had reached Denver. At night, there are around 1,800 asylum seekers who are trying to find shelter in the city.

As a response, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock declared a state of emergency and appealed to the local Catholic archdiocese for further assistance.

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