Mike Pence Issues Huge Russia Warning

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(FeaturedNews.com) – On Wednesday, Republican presidential candidate Mike Pence warned that U.S. troops would potentially need to join the fight if Russia managed to defeat Ukraine and move further into Western Europe.

During an appearance on the “Hugh Hewitt Show,” the former Vice President argued that it is in the country’s best interest to ensure that Ukraine manages to fight off the Russian invasion. This is one of the first occasions that Pence has taken a counter opinion on a topic to the ones held by former President Donald Trump, who is the frontrunner of the 2024 Republican Presidential primary race, and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. Both DeSantis and Trump have blasted the U.S. government for the amount of assistance they have provided to Ukraine.

Pence visited Ukraine last week and met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. In his statement on the national syndicated radio show, Pence argued that should Russian President Vladimir Putin manage to overtake Ukraine then it would not take long for Russia to continue expanding into other European countries. If that occurs, then the U.S. will be obliged to send troops to fight off the Russian invasion.

He argued that he is a supporter of the Ronald Reagan doctrine, which states that if a foreign country is willing to fight enemies of the United States on their own soil then he would support them so that he could avoid having to send U.S. troops to fight.

Since January 2022, the U.S. has given over $77 billion in humanitarian and military aid to Ukraine.

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