Millions of Americans Face Blackouts as Renewable Energy Sources Fail to Keep Up

Millions of Americans Face Blackouts as Renewable Energy Sources Fail to Keep Up

Blackout America: A Glimpse Into Our ‘Green’ Future

( – Renewable energy sources may not be up to the challenges of heatwaves, wildfires, and other unpredictable events. Several states could once again face scheduled blackouts as resources from green energy fail to keep up.

Jonathan Lesser of the Manhattan Institute, an adjunct fellow with knowledge of utilities, provided the Daily Caller with the frightening truth of the matter. He said the renewable energy infrastructure simply isn’t up to the task of taking over for fossil fuels, and that there is still a long way to go to get there.

Lesser contends that with the increasing move toward electrification, the demand will continue to increase as the push from thermal sources like coal and natural gas reduce supply. In fact, it’s a “recipe for blackouts.”

California could be hit the worst. The state has some of the most aggressive green energy policies on the planet but finds itself walking back plans to shutter its last nuclear plant in fear of supply shortages.

In New York, the push for green energy could result in a catastrophic blackout, according to Empire Center for Public Policy Senior Policy Analyst James Hanley. In a blog post, Hanley described how the state is shutting down plants faster than replacing their energy, which he believes will end badly.

What do you think? Will America ultimately abandon traditional resources in favor of renewable energy production?

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