Millions of Americans Told To Avoid Gas Stations

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( – In the United States, millions of motorists have been told to avoid using gas stations because of the growing concerns regarding air quality. 

Those residents in Alabama and California have been warned to avoid gas stations as they are looking to minimize the air pollution levels. The goal is to minimize ozone which is a harmful pollutant at ground level. 

The National Weather Service (NWS) has reported that the air quality alerts have been issued at Coachella Valley, South Coast Air Basin and Los Angeles County. Those who are in these areas have been advised that they should avoid visiting gas stations until the evening. 

In Los Angeles County the alert is active until Tuesday 7 p.m., while in Southern California the alert is going to remain in place until Wednesday at 9 a.m. in some areas. 

The air quality alert for Tuesday was also issued in Alabama’s Shelby and Jefferson Counties. In the alert it is noted that it is advised that people refuel their vehicles after 6 p.m. The alert is a Code Orange, which means that the concentrations of ozone on ground level are set to reach unhealthy levels for sensitive groups.

Code Orange alerts are also in parts of Georgia and an Ozone Action Day alert has been issued in Colorado. This once again means that sensitive groups should in particular avoid these areas due to the high concentration of ozone. 

It is usual for high ozone levels to occur on days that are sunny and hot. Ground level ozone is the result of pollutants being emitted by facilities, vehicles and other sources in sunlight’s presence. 

The NWS has warned that the air pollution from ozone can cause respiratory health issues, including asthma attacks, lung damage and other breathing issues. 

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