Moms of Miss USA Resign, Make Shocking Allegations

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( – In an interview with “Good Morning America,” the mothers of Miss USA Noelia Voigt and Miss Teen USA UmaSofia Srivastava, who resigned as titleholders last week, revealed how their daughter’s dreams turned into a “nightmare.”

Since Voigt and Srivastava cannot discuss their resignations because of non-disclosure agreements, their mothers, Jackeline Voigt and Barbara Srivastava, have spoken about their daughters’ ill-treatment, abuse, and bullying. 

Voigt resigned on May 6, citing mental health as the reason she would be giving up her title. Two days later, Srivastava resigned from Miss Teen USA, explaining that her values no longer “fully align” with the organization.

Srivastava noted that as a parent, she couldn’t “continue this charade,” suggesting that there was more to the story, pointing to how both girls stepped down and gave up on “their dream of a lifetime… [and] national title[s].”

Voigt explained that unless the NDA was “lifted,” her daughter would be silenced for “the rest of her life.”

In a resignation letter that has since been obtained by news outlets, Noelia Voigt details the “toxic work environment” within the organization. She suggests the environment was “at best, poor management and, at worst… bullying and harassment.”

In her letter, Voigt claimed the incidents’ began “soon after” she won the Miss USA title.

Voigt’s mother described seeing her daughter “so stressed out” and enquiring what had happened. This prompted Noelia to detail how she had been sexually harassed by an older gentleman at a Christmas parade who enquired if the 24-year-old was “into old men with money.” 

Voigt explained that the incident made Noelia “very uncomfortable.”

Voigt suggested that the organization should speak to the families and “apologize or clean this mess.”

Srivastava added that the girls’ resignations hadn’t stemmed from “prizes” they hadn’t received but rather because they were “ill-treated, abused, bullied, and cornered.”

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