More Than 50 Dead, Dozens Injured in Migrant Truck Accident

( – At least 53 migrants are dead and dozens more are injured following a major truck crash on Thursday. A truck formerly used for perishable goods was carrying mostly Central American migrants that had paid several thousand dollars for the likely illegal ride through Mexico to the United States border.

Truck Overturned in Mexico

The incident occurred when a trailer packed with more than 100 migrants overturned and crashed into a bridge while going around a curve at a high speed near the southern Mexican city of Tuxtla Gutierrez. Although speed was likely the main cause of the accident, the excess weight of the high number of passengers may have also been a factor.

The weight of the passengers pressed tightly against one another in the packed trailer is also considered a likely cause of death for the majority of the migrants that were killed. Many showed signs of asphyxia, but few to no other obvious injuries. Migrants that were pressed up against the sides of the trailer were also more likely to be killed than those with slightly more space in the interior of the trailer. Many survivors had broken bones and contusions.

Illegal Immigration Likely Involved

Although details are still being gathered surrounding who the migrants are and where they are from, there is little doubt that the accident is the latest in an ongoing trend of unsafe methods of illegal immigration. Legal immigrants have no reason to cram more than 100 people into one truck, but it is a relatively common method of smuggling migrants from several Central American countries through Mexico.

Other recent incidents involving illegal migrants include a March 2021 car accident that killed 13 migrants near the Mexican border, a Zetas drug cartel massacre that resulted in 72 deaths in 2010, and numerous injuries and illnesses resulting from migrants attempting to walk across Mexico.

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