Mother And Daughter Caught Committing Disturbing Crime

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( – Basma Abdul Karil Alkelezli, a mother from Ohio, had placed her newborn in a garbage bag and instructed her daughter, Hanan Al Jabouli, to throw the bag away. The 36-year-old mother and her 19-year-old daughter are both facing a felony charge of abuse of a corpse and might be facing additional charges after the investigation ends.

According to the case report, Alkalezli had put her newborn son inside a plastic garbage bag. The teenager, who had been instructed to throw the bag away, placed it in a five-gallon bucket and left it in the trunk of a vehicle in their home’s backyard.

On September 20, a bit before 8 a.m. Norwich Township Fire Department paramedics were called to respond at the residence of the woman, which resulted in Alkelezli being taken to a hospital in the area. Paramedics had also contacted the police to inform them that the woman appeared to have given birth recently and that a freshly cut umbilical cord was among the evidence.

After the police arrived at the residence, they were able to locate the baby, which had been in the vehicle in the backyard. The police attempted CPR after noticing the baby felt warmed. The newborn was then taken to Nationwide Children’s Hospital, where it died. An autopsy will be used to determine what the exact cause of death was.

Al Jabouli revealed during questioning that her mother had given birth on Wednesday morning but that the child had been born dead. She then claimed that her mother needed to be cleaned up before her husband knew the situation. She further admitted assisting her mother by putting it in the car trunk.

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