Muslim Extremists Caught Supplying Russian Military With Weapons

Muslim Extremists Caught Supplying Russian Military With Weapons

( – Muslim extremists from Iran and Iraq are reportedly helping to arm Russia in its war against Ukraine. According to the Guardian, weapons obtained in Iraq are making their way across the border into Iran and from there across the Caspian Sea.

Russia, steeped in sanctions from across the globe, seems willing to go to any lengths to get the hardware it needs to continue the campaign.

A major issue for Russia is parts. Sanctions against any item that might have a military use have more than a quarter of the Russian armored vehicle battalions sidelined. With transportation becoming increasingly difficult, weapons from Iraq and Iran could be a game-changer.

Reports of sophisticated Brazilian-designed rocket launchers sent from Hashd al-Shaabi, the region’s largest, most powerful Shia militia, could mean big trouble for unsuspecting Ukrainians. A Hashd al-Shabbi source stated, “Whatever is anti-US makes us happy.”

Iraq, swarming in small arms left over from the 2003 invasion and subsequent occupation by US forces, is another major collection point for items like rocket-propelled grenades and other hand-held weapons. Much of the weaponry there has been legally absorbed into Shia militia stockpiles, providing the anti-US group with a steady stream of weaponry to send to Russian troops.

While sanctions seem to be helping slow down the flow of armor into Ukrainian cities, these new shipments from other countries unfriendly to the West could be cause for concern, as Russia’s coalition appears to be growing stronger.

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