Mysterious Disease Targeting Our Dogs

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( – There have been a number of fatal respiratory condition cases that have emerged in dogs in Indiana, Oregon, California, Idaho, Washington, Indiana, and Nevada as well as across the Northeast. Veterinarians have not yet been able to determine what is causing the illness.

Experts have stated that the first symptom was a pervasive cough which could often last for weeks. The cough did not appear to go away with traditional antibiotic treatment.

North Springs Veterinary Referral Center in Colorado Springs veterinarian Dr. Lindsay Ganzer told TODAY that the illness appeared to develop quickly and that the dogs would suddenly go from a cough that could not be treated to pneumonia.

Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Lab executive director Kevin Snekvik also described the illness that is being researched at the facility. As he noted, the dogs will start off with a fever and feeling unwell. They will then become lethargic, unwilling to play outside, and they will be coughing extensively. The cough is best described as a hacking or wet cough.

According to the Oregon Department of Agriculture, the symptoms of the cold might also include discharge from the nose and eyes, sneezing, trouble with breathing, and blue or purple gums caused by the lack of oxygen. The dogs suffering from his illness would usually test negative for other respiratory diseases found commonly in dogs.

The Oregon Department of Agriculture has stated that they have received more than 200 reports of the condition since mid-August.

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