Mysterious Illness is Affecting Children Across the World, Report Shows

Mysterious Illness is Affecting Children Across the World, Report Shows

( – Children across the globe are battling a common disease with a mysterious, uncommon origin. Hepatitis, an inflammation of the liver, happens for a number of reasons. Last week, doctors reported 74 children in the UK with the disease, but had no clear cause, according to the Associated Press. Other countries with incidents, including the US, were added to the list.

The UK Health Security Agency reports that the disease isn’t linked to the typical causes of hepatitis. They’re now looking into alternative causes, including COVID-19. Not all of the 2 to 5-year-old children with symptoms were positive for Covid and none were vaccinated, ruling out links to the jab.

Scientists believe the most likely culprit is an adenovirus, a commonly-occurring virus similar to rhinoviruses that cause cold and flu-like symptoms. Nine children in the US, all in Alabama, tested positive for adenoviruses after reporting symptoms. Two required liver transplants.

The World Health Organization said in a statement on April 15 that the cases seem to be spreading and that the rest of Europe should be ready for what could be coming their way. According to USA Today, the UN Health Agency said more cases are likely, given the heightened surveillance for qualifying cases.

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