National Park Officials Tell Construction Workers to Stop Flying American Flag

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( – After officials at the Denali National Park in Alaska reportedly told construction crews not to fly the American flag, they have come under fire.

Republican Senator Dan Sullivan (Alaska) wrote a letter to Charles Sams, a Director of the National Park Service (NPS), demanding he receive an explanation for Denali National Park’s officials’ alleged actions.

Sullivan noted that the alleged request had been made on the “eve of Memorial Day weekend.”

Alaska Watchman, a local conservative news outlet, appears to be where the report of the incident at Denali National Park originates, citing an unnamed construction worker who witnessed the incident, however, the report has yet to be verified.

Sullivan described that the 3-by-5 foot American flag, attached to one of the construction vehicles involved in the project had received the request to remove the flag by “someone at the [NPS].”

In the letter, Sullivan describes the alleged incident as an “outrage,” especially given the timing of the “solemn national holiday,” which Americans honor in commemoration of those who “gave their lives” in service of the U.S.

Sullivan added that the American flag “should be celebrated [and] not censored” this weekend.

The Republican Senator also highlighted that he didn’t find any regulations prohibiting the flying of the American flag on public land, arguing that any similar rules would be at odds with the purpose of a national park as a place of “enjoyment” for the country’s citizens.

Sullivan concluded his letter by requesting Sams probe the incident and ensure such incidents aren’t repeated going forward.

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