Navy Divers Search for Remains of Spy Balloon

( – On Saturday, the suspected Chinese spy balloon was brought down off the coast of South Carolina. Military officials chose to have the balloon brought down over the sea in order to reduce the chances of damage or risks to American live

Following the balloon hitting the water, U.S. Navy and Coast Guard ships arrived at the scene and established the search perimeter. Pentagon officials have claimed that the recovery of the balloon debris should be relatively easy as the area had a depth of fewer than 50 feet. Still, due to the size of the balloon and the damage the recovery operation could end up taking a few days.

Before the balloon had been brought down, the U.S. military had sent messages to many Navy and Coast Guard vessels preparing them for the recovery efforts. The divers now have to face a number of obstacles during their recovery efforts including the cold water temperatures.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin in a statement said that the balloon had been used in order to survey “strategic sites” in the U.S., and had called this incident an “unacceptable violation of our sovereignty.” President Biden had ordered for the balloon to be shot down as soon as he was briefed about the situation, however, the military had insisted on waiting until the balloon was over open water to minimize the damage to civilians.

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