Nazi Holocaust Architect Admits To Wanting Genocide in Newly Released Tapes

Nazi Holocaust Architect Admits To Wanting Genocide in Newly Released Tapes

Secret WWII Tapes UNEARTHED – Genocidal Rant Found

( – Adolf Eichmann, infamous architect of the Nazi “final solution,” went to his grave denying his crimes. Now, 60 years after he swung from the gallows in Israel, recordings from after the war prove that Eichmann was definitely the man who stood next to Adolf Hitler as they ordered the murder of an entire people.

At the end of WWII, scores of Nazis escaped Germany under false identities and made their way to far-off lands. Argentina was a favorite spot for fleeing murderers like Eichmann. During his time there, he recorded about 70 hours’ worth of interviews with a local reporter. Fifteen hours of those recordings stood the test of time.

Israeli filmmakers used the footage to create a chilling documentary exclusively for Israeli TV called “The Devil’s Confession.” Viewership certainly would have included relatives of Holocaust victims who have for years lived with the knowledge that the man some would call the evil behind Hitler never confessed in his own words.

In the interviews, Eichmann said that had they achieved the goal of murdering 10.3 million Jews, he would happily declare victory over “an enemy.” In another clip, he said Jews who were fit to work lived, and those who were unfit went to “the final solution,” referring to the death camps that ultimately took more than 11 million lives.

Ironically, the murderous fanatic also stated that he had no problem admitting to his crimes during the filming, conducted by a Nazi sympathizer. “Nothing annoys me more than a person who later denies the things he has done,” Eichmann said. His run-in with Mossad and vehement denials at his trial tells a different story. In the end, most Israelis would probably agree that justice prevailed.

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