New Mother Inspires Millions of Women

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Gabriella Russon had been a regular runner since her 20s. It was an activity she particularly enjoyed as it helped ease her mind. However, during her pregnancy, she did not find it possible to continue running, and instead, her runs turned to walks. Following the birth of her son, she realized that she had missed the activity that had once been a part of her life. As such, she decided to start running again.

Within eight months of giving birth to her son, she was running the Boston Marathon. As she notes, this was her comeback race and it provided her with some much-needed time alone as a new mom. She recalled having her playlist set out and finding a rhythm as her feet hit the pavement.

Running had always been free therapy for her, as she described and this new adventure of becoming a mom had temporarily stopped her from doing what she loved. While she had been excited to start a family and during the pandemic as a burnt-out journalist she decided to quit her job and instead focus on her family.

Running had been her gateway through it all. From dealing with cheating partners, to demanding employers to a bank account that always seemed to be draining, having the ability to be outside and run was the thing she needed to find more peace. She added that the more she ran, the more relaxed she felt. Returning to running as a new mom in her 30s was like proving to herself that she was still her old self, and that was something she had thoroughly enjoyed.

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