News Reporter Struck By Vehicle

Photo by Alexander Popov on Unsplash

News Reporter Struck By Vehicle

While reporting live on air a reporter is suddenly hit by a car. The video circulating of the incident shows the reporter resume her reporting immediately after impact. Reporter Tori Yorgey who was reporting live for WSAZ in West Virginia was speaking about the severe weather when the car made impact.

Despite the car heading to her and crashing, Yorgey manages to continue with the report, informing everyone of the incident while she is still on the ground. As she was alone during the incident, she had to also inform studio anchor Tim Irr as well as a passerby that she was alright.

Many who have viewed the video that has been going viral have been outraged about the dangerous position she was put in when asked to report on the weather on her own. This solitary reporting, which required her to be the one to carry out multiple different tasks, from reporting to setting up the camera and checking her surroundings, is probably a result of local TV which tends to underwire to cut back costs.

While Yorgey continued reporting as normal, probably because of the adrenaline from the hit, the precarious position that she was put in could have been entirely avoided if the TV stations did their due diligence. It is this fact that many are incredibly upset over.

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