New TikTok Challenge Is Breaking Relationships

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

( – The latest trend to emerge on the social media platform TikTok has women across the internet testing their partner’s worthiness online. 

As part of the test, women will leave a dollop of Ketchup on one of the surfaces in the kitchen and call for their partner to clean it up. The so-called “Ketchup Challenge” might appear harmless at first glance but since its emergence many women have realized that their partners might not be as well-versed on how to clean up different messes. 

The challenge first started from a video that was shared on Dec. 26, 2023, by TikTok user Katherine who had posted a video of her fiancé trying to clean up hot sauce using only a paper towel. 

One of the comments under the original video pointed out how this was “weaponized incompetence” and called for Katherine to look it up. A different user informed her that if she decided to marry him she would not have the right to complain later.

However, many other ladies who did the same test posted the results of their partners using cleaning spray in order to properly clean the condiment from the counter. 

However, Jareen Imam, a different TikToker commented on the video questioning whether the boyfriend who does not know how to clean up a mess is dumb, or whether the women who are intentionally making the mess are jerks. 

Since its creation, the #ketchupchallenge has managed to amass over 209 million views on the platform while multiple women have made fun of their partner’s clean-up skills. 


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