New U.S. Army Ad Sparks Controversy

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( – Conservative commentators have slammed a new ad for U.S. Army recruitments claiming that it was predominantly showing white men and that it was a reaction to the “relentless progressive brainwashing” of the last century and a half. They further argued that the ad was a sign that the country was heading to war.

In the 30-second ad, we can see a group of soldiers who jump using a parachute from a Chinook helicopter and land on the ground. The ad also includes a caption with the statements “Your greatest victories are never achieved alone” and “Be all you can be.”

Ever since the video was posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, it has gone viral, receiving over 11.3 million views. Many of the commenters have also pointed out that the ad completely lacks any sort of diversity.

Prior to the ad being posted, there had been many conservative activists who had been outraged by what they viewed as a lack of macho army recruitment advertisements. A previous recruitment ad featured multiple comments made by Cpl. Emma Malonelord  about how she had “marched for equality” and had two mothers.

The recruitment video was shared by the ‘End Wokeness’ X account, which commented that there was a new recruitment video available that only featured white men. They added that this meant that the country was definitely heading to war.

However, despite the accusations about the video being too white, there are two non-white soldiers that are in the video ad, and there is no indication of the sexuality of the troops.


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