NFL Legend’s Marriage Hits Rock Bottom

Photo by Dave Adamson on Unsplash

ROCK BOTTOM – NFL Legend in Trouble!

In recent celebrity drama news, according to a Page Six report, Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen are fighting over Brady’s decision to “un-retire” from the NFL. Reportedly Gisele also left their family home in Tampa and is currently on a trip to Costa Rica.

One source reportedly said that this decision has caused a lot of problems with the couple, as Gisele has always been the one to raise the kids. The decision to retire has originally been part of an effort for both of them to focus on their family. Tom’s decision to un-retire naturally put a stop to that plan.

During a conversation with Howard Stern in 2020, Tom had spoken about the effect that his football career has had on his family, and had even mentioned that Gisele often had felt like he wasn’t pulling his weight and doing his “part for the family.” According to Brady, Gisele had told him that while this might have worked for him, it didn’t work for her.

According to Page Six’s report, the couple has had arguments in the past but none of their fights appear to have been long-term as they always reunited in the end.


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