NFL Player Gets Unexpected Gift

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Elementary school students in Cincinnati have been sending get-well-soon cards to Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin who is currently hospitalized following his cardiac arrest and collapse while in the field. Medical staff performed CPR in order to keep Hamlin alive after he collapsed following a tackle in the game. He was then transported by ambulance and has been kept under the care of doctors at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center since Monday.

Second graders in Beth Martin’s class at Kilgour Elementary have been creating get-well messages and drawings for the player.

One student, Ariana Huff, wrote in her message that she felt sorry for what had happened but at least there had been a whole stadium praying for him. She added that there were also the “perfect medical care people” who were just around the corner waiting to help. She finished the letter by writing “You were also brave and strong. I hope you get well soon.”

Martin disclosed that her students had been discussing what happened during Monday’s game and they had been the ones to come up with the idea of creating the cards. Martin further noted that she was incredibly proud of her students who are kind-hearted and are able to look at things outside of themselves.

Other students across Ohio have also been inspired since the reports about Martin’s class came out to do the same. According to an ESPN report, at least 40 schools have gotten involved. The initiative is currently led by Sarah Taylor, the wife of Bengals head coach Zac Taylor.

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