Nine Women Had Drinks Drugged at Party Hosted by World Leader

Nine Women Had Drinks Drugged at Party Hosted by World Leader

World Leader’s Party GOES WRONG – Police Now Investigating

( – Germany’s Bundestag Police are looking into a summer event hosted by the Social Democrat Party (SDP) and Chancellor Olaf Scholz at the Chancellery in Berlin. Nine women attending suffered dizzy spells and other signs of possible spiked drinks. While police await the results of toxicology reports before jumping to conclusions, the SDP itself says it was an obvious attack, according to Der Tagesspiegel.

Scholz, members of Parliament, and nearly 1,000 other people attended the summer party, held in a tent outside the leader’s headquarters. The first woman to report an issue, a 21-year-old, said she ate and drank but consumed no alcohol. By the following morning, four more women reported the same symptoms, along with a loss of memory. All told, nine women experienced some form of dizziness, memory loss, or both.

The SDP said the culprit(s) targeted the women using knockout drops. The party called the incident outrageous and vowed to work with the Bundestag Police to resolve the matter. The Daily Mail reported party Co-Leader Lars Klingbeil was extremely upset that something of this nature could happen. He told a German television station that those responsible had to be found and prosecuted. Chief Whip Katja Mast agreed, adding that anyone who was there with a similar experience should speak up and notify the police.

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