Ocasio-Cortez Has Emotional Breakdown

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(FeaturedNews.com) – On Tuesday, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., took to Twitter to slam the platform over the lack of safety it provides its users. As she pointed out in her tweet, which was a response to a post from Twitter Safety, never before had she faced as much harassment as she does now. She added that people were given the ability to pay money just to make their harassment even more visible.

She added that having public figures, journalists and even civil organizations de-verified has meant that it has become impossible to follow certain threads and conversations. The original tweet by Twitter Safety pointed out that the social media platform was now collaborating with Sprinklr in an attempt to reduce the levels of hate speech on the platform.

The tweet pointed out that according to Sprinklr, the estimate for daily violence is significantly lowers that the one found by Twitter’s model estimates. They added that since the acquisition of Twitter, hate speech impressions have also dropped by 30 percent lower than it had been prior to the company’s acquisition.

Ocasio-Cortez however, who recently had to face a parody account’s effects on her image, did not agree. Previously, the Representative had claimed that Twitter CEO Elon Musk with his posts had boosted the fake account, which ended up going viral. The account’s visibility had been boosted after Musk’s choice to engage with the account.

Twitter’s help center also found that because the account had the word “parody” in either the username or biography it was not in violation of the user guidelines set forth by Twitter.

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