Official Brutally Beaten in Attack by Left-Wing Extremists

Official Brutally Beaten in Attack by Left-Wing Extremists

Attack Issued by LEFT-WING EXTREMISTS – Top Official Brutally Assaulted!

( – Pierre Le Camus, a former French parliamentary candidate and member of Marine Le Pen’s National Rally (RN), said a group of up to 40 people jumped him and his brother while they were in Bordeaux, France, on July 8. The attack was allegedly the work of far-Left extremists linked to Antifa. Le Camus told his story to Le Figaro about how the group managed to launch a surprise assault that left him and his sibling beaten and broken.

He explained they were at Mushroom Cafe on the terrace when two people approached them, making threats. The RN member said several others wearing masks joined the fray and started attacking them. The assailants reportedly hit him in the head with a glass bottle and forced his brother to the ground as they beat him. The criminals abruptly left, and the victim claims they were yelling, “Bordeaux Antifa. Bordeaux is ours.”

Le Camus and his brother suffered from multiple injuries. He received treatment at the scene for a broken septum and head pain. His brother went to the hospital with a hand fracture and damage to a tooth and his nose.

The former candidate condemned the lack of support from political leaders. Le Camus also noted his intent to file a complaint with the police, saying he would not let the incident go unreported or allow the extremists to continue their politically-motivated attacks.

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